Manufacturing & Rapid Prototyping 2020-04-28T12:51:40+00:00

Rapid Prototyping

Has your suppliers said 6 to 8 weeks delivery on a simple part?

Hence rapid prototyping services of most all materials from composite, metal, vacuum forming and electronics as a complete assembly. We are looking for assemblies that trouble you the most. Our Head of Engineering representative "" will assist you in the best way she can and we will deliver you the final product. Contact us anytime!

Contract Manufacturing

We will provide contract manufacturing services in Munich or as a Best Cost Country in Croatia. We have been using customer work instructions, drawing assemblies and quality procedures to guarantee a good final product. If you are in need of a large or small team of labor force in a short time, we have the answers and shorter lead times. Teams are experienced in several fields and are flexible enough to manage short term timelines.