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Are your suppliers not delivering on time? Do your suppliers not meet the required quality?

We will recover your project within the shortest time. Our crisis management follows the ES/AS 9100 system. Our experienced team will first analyze and identify the cause of the problem. Therefor we monitor the work flow on the shop floor level of your supplier.

Then we present a solution to eliminate the problem. This initial phase takes usually 1-2 days.

During the implementation phase, we will train, guide and support key personnel of your supplier to implement the process improvement. This cooperative approach is proven to accomplish long term results. Also, we avoid side-effects, because all relevant stakeholders are included.

Are you looking to avoid logistic efforts and expenses in EU?

Managing international suppliers creates a major logistic effort. Especially if parts do not meet quality checks or need to be processed. We will provide local source inspection and logistic services for you. You can concentrate on your key business and we will take care of the procurement and SCM.

Do you want to reduce your supplier costs?

Our costing experts can reassess your expenses on buy-parts, negotiate new terms or even assist in finding new suppliers. Our network of reliable suppliers provides a competitive alternative for your Best Cost Country (BCC) needs.